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20 x 40 x 1.5 in. – 51 x 101 x 4 cm.



Majestic spruce trees tower against an October creamy sky and red sun. This painting depicts the Lièvre River flowing by and the steep mountain facade in the right corner can be found in the Val-des-Bois area in the province of Quebec. The painting captures the vibrant colours of the mountain and the trees in all their autumn glory. The use of high gloss additives to the paint enhances even more the depth and dimension in this painting. As a colorist painter this artwork is very representative of my artistic portfolio.


Most of the subject matters in my urban and country landscapes are located in various provincial and national parks throughout Canada, certain areas in the Ottawa/Gatineau Region and from photographs taken during trips in other countries. For more information regarding the painting mediums and techniques that were used to create this artwork, visit the “Colourist Art” page section on this website.


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Sweet Water

  • Liquefied oil-paints and mixed media paints.

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