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48 x 12 x 1.5 in. – 122 x 32 x 4 cm.



The first painting of this series was done from a photo taken many years ago of an isolated tree on a very small island in Lake Nipissing in northern Ontario. Since the creation of the first painting, it has been recreated a few times, mostly on a commission basis, due to its dimensions of 12 x 36 or 48 inches where this size painting fits perfectly in many smaller spaces such as condominium walls, end of a hallway and staircases. For more information regarding the painting mediums and techniques that were used to create this artwork, visit the “Colourist Art” page section on this website.


NOTE: For all oversized paintings shipping price may vary depending on packaging material required and final shipping destination. The Gallery will contact you to confirm your shipping cost.

Colourist Tree #5

  • Liquefied oil-paints and mixed media paints.

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