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About Trebor

About Trebor

Trebor’s approach to the treatments of colour and light is without equal as a visual artist. He engages colour as an expressive element by using daring, vibrant and brilliant tones. The creation of balance within his paintings is magnified by his distinctive exploitation of form and space, groundbreaking light diffusion techniques that enhances depth and dimension plus the simplicity of his subject matter all combine together to create never-before-seen art works.

The Artist


Trebor, as he signs his artworks is a play-on words with his surname,  Robert. He is an Ottawa born Canadian artist and a recent arrival to the art exhibition scene when he started to show his paintings to the public in 2017. In that same year, Trebor entered into an agreement with himself to create as many paintings as possible and decided to become a professional artist when all his painting were sold out within a matter of a few hours at his first exposition.


Trebor bases his successes on taking earlier period art movements that he merges onto canvas and applies his innovative techniques to produce very distinctive paintings. In his studios, he is endlessly experimenting to create new methods to improve his art style called “Colorist Art” by his local peers and followers. 


Trebor is considered as a prolific painter by his peers completing over 375+ pieces of art during the past seven years, selling the majority to collectors, galleries and his local entourage. In September 2022, Trebor opened his second art gallery located on the prestigious Sussex Drive, in Canada’s capital city Ottawa. All his paintings are sold exclusively through his “Trebor Art Gallery” and website. Since the opening of his gallery, that includes a studio annex, his paintings have accumulated national and international acclaim and, on many occasions, have sold before the paintings were completed.

See the Artworks

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