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Blue Lake at Arolla



20 x 16 x 1.5 in. – 51 x 41 x 4 cm.

Mediums Used:

Liquefied oil-paints and mixed media paints.


Gallery wood panel mounted on a high-grade wood frame.


All 4 edges are gallery sized (1.0 inches) and as part of the artwork the painting is continued around the edge.


No framing is required. All the sides are painted as part of the subject matter. Ready for hanging. 

Surface Finish: 

The visible brightness, noticeable depth and the unexpected additional dimension in each artwork is created by the artist’s employment of the various paint products and his unique painting techniques. No varnish or other substances are added to the painting’s surface.

About the Artwork

Just north of the Italian bord in Switzerland there lies a superb little lake call “Le lac bleu d’Arolla. It is a few hours hiking from Arolla in the valley of Val d’Hérens. If one wants to walk amoung lakes, trails, forests and mountains, this region is the one to visit and let it change you forever.

For more information regarding the painting mediums and techniques that were used to create this artwork, visit the “Colourist Art” page section on this website.

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