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12 x 16 x 1.0 in. – 31 x 41 x 2.7 cm.



The “Sundance Series” started an experimentation to simplify the level of details in my landscapes to facilitate the application of one of my newer techniques at the time of there creation. As the series progressed, I continued my experimentation with light luminance but “within” the painting itself. This “tour de force” was finally accomplished by adding to my paint mixture of oil and solvent additives pure hi-gloss that produced an incredible colour brightness and reflection level but below the surface of the painting. In effect this technique plays with sunlight reflection, the manner in which it is diffused and how the eye perceives it with extra depth and dimension when viewing the artwork.


The result was this collection of twelve artworks that I called Sundance because the light seems to dance across the painting. For more information regarding the painting mediums and techniques that were used to create this artwork, visit the “Colourist Art” page section on this website.

Sundance Series #8 of 12

  • Liquefied oil-paints and mixed media paints.

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